So…you’ve found a house, made an offer and the seller has accepted!  WOOHOOO!  Now what?  Usually, at this point your agent will have recommended you hire a professional home inspector to check out your new home.  They may have even given you suggestions for local inspectors they’ve worked with and trust.  It’s time for you to interview the prospective inspectors!  First, do a little research.  Do an online search for local inspectors.  Do any of the names you’ve been given pop up?  Check their online reviews (Google and Facebook are currently the most reliable sources for reviews) If the inspector has a website (and they should) visit that site and see what information is available.  Is the site current or does it look neglected or outdated?  Do they have up to date information that can help a home buyer or seller?  Do they have reviews from recent clients posted?  Is their site all about getting you to hire them or does it feel more like a site aimed at providing you with information to help you on this adventure?

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a couple inspectors, give each one a call and chat with them about your inspection.  It’s very important that you feel like you “click” with your inspector.  Ask them if you should attend the inspection (pro tip…you should!) Ask what services they offer.  How long does the inspection take?  When will you get your report? What are their fees?  Is everything included or do they have add-on services?  Do they have special equipment to help give you a better value than other inspectors?  How many inspectors will be on-site on your inspection day?  You can check our FAQ section to get more information about the inspection process and questions to ask.  These are all very important questions that will help you determine which inspector is the one for you.  You should feel comfortable with the inspector and they should be able to answer your questions quickly and clearly.  They should use language that is easy for you to understand as the way they speak is very likely the way their report will be worded.

How is their report delivered?  The modern inspector will publish your report in a digital format, usually via a secure, online dashboard.  This allows you to have a single location from which to view all your inspection documents from any device and from anywhere in the world.  You may want to ask what style report they use.  Do they only have check boxes to indicate an inspected item was either OK, In need of maintenance, Defective or, do they provide a rich report with hi resolution images and narrative descriptions of defects in conversational English making it easy for you to read and understand?

Be cautious hiring an inspector based on price or availability.  A good inspector will be in high demand and may not be able to inspect for you right away, but is likely worth waiting a few days for.  We know you’re going to feel rushed, but take your time.  The best inspectors will get your report done and delivered to you the same or following day as they know you’ll need to have as much time as possible to review the results. The least expensive inspector may not be the best choice either and for the same reasons.  You’re spending many tens of thousands of dollars on a home you’re going to live in and possibly raise a family in.  Don’t scrimp on the inspector.  It could cost you far more in the long run.

As always, feel free to call us and ask any questions you may have.  Our policy is simple…We will help anyone regardless if they are our client or not.  We work differently than the other inspectors.  Call us.  We’re here to help.

Congratulations and best wishes to you!