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Quality, professional services performed by licensed, professional inspectors using the latest technology.

We offer comprehensive inspection packages so you get what you need at a price that’s right. 

Our Services


Basic Home Inspection

Our Basic Home Inspection  is designed for those on a tight budget.  We inspect the 4 major systems of the home (Roof, Structure, Electrical and Heat) and provide an abbreviated, digital report.

City Home Discount Package

Our City Home Discount Package includes inspections of all major systems, framing, roof, structure, grounds and so much more.  We comply with NYS SoP and InterNACHI SoP to provide you with the most comprehensive inspection available anywhere!

Country Home Discount Package

Our Country Home Discount Package is perfect for homes that have a private well and septic. It includes everything in the Basic Home Inspection plus, water well flow rate test and a septic dye test.


Sewer Scope Video Inspections

This is an exclusive service only offered by Pinnacle. The sewer scope views the interior of the lateral waste pipe of your home or business using a digital video camera. This allows us to see if there are issues such as root intrusion, blockages from debris or collapsing pipes. Optional extended warranty on the lateral waste pipe for up to 6 months is available.

Water Quality Testing

We offer water quality testing following established sampling protocols and analysis by a certified laboratory. Fees vary by the type of test.

Thermographic Scanning

We use Flir thermographic cameras to look for defects such as water intrusion, missing insulation, overheating electrical components and more.

Radon Testing

We offer the most accurate radon testing in the world using the SunRadon 1028XP continuous monitor. Other Radon tests such as Radon in Water are available if desired.

Radon Mitigation

Guaranteed Radon mitigation systems installed by a US Military Veteran who is an experienced, certified and licensed professional (NY & PA). System prices vary. Includes post-mitigation testing.

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